Google Analytics down?

Posted in web2.0 at 10:03 am by cori

Google Analytics

Looks like Google Analytics is down (for now). I can successfully log into my Google account, but am redirected to http://www.google.com when I’ve done so.From what little I’ve seen, this is quite an impressive tool, even if you don’t serve AdSense on your site. Much of what I get from my hosting service’s stats package can be ofund here, as well as some deeper information (like bounce rates – quite high for my blog; I’ve got it turned on at http://kinrowan.net for now) can be found.

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  1. Sjors said,

    Yeps, same here. Redirected to the Google homepage and totally lost there.

  2. If you go to my site, I have instructions on how to bypass the problem, and login anyhow.


  3. […] I posted here that Google Analytics is down. […]

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