Results of trying the OPML Editor WordPress posting on a standalone WP blog…

Posted in blogging, OPML at 7:50 pm by cori

I tried Dave’s wordPress.root tool or the OPML Editor to create a new post at elliptical this evening, and it seems as though the inplementation of the MetaWeblog API in OPML Editor is different than that in Flock, because Flock’s blogging tool works just fine while the OPML Editor’s tool won’t authenticate me to xmlrpc.php.

Here’s what the log file records from Flock (actual post data removed for clarity):

2005-11-10 19:38:50 Input: <?xml version=”1.0″?>
<param><value><struct><member><name>title</name><value><string><![CDATA[post title]]></string></value></member>
<member><name>description</name><value><string><![CDATA[post text]]></string></value></member>
<member><name>mt_tb_ping_urls</name><value><array><data><value><string><![CDATA[ping urls]]></string></value></data></array></value></member></struct></value></param>
and here’s what’s recorded from OPML Editor:

2005-11-24 00:28:55 Input: <?xml version=”1.0″?>^M
<value><struct>^M <member>^M <name>description</name>^M <value>^Mwhat’s the log say?</value>^M </member>^M <member>^M <name>title</name>^M <value>test for kinrowan.net</value>^M </member>^M </struct></value>^M

Among the oddities are the presence of the “^M” strings at the end of each line.

Also strange is that OPML Editor is able to communicate just fine with WordPress.com blogs, and so is Flock.

Here’s the error message I get:

error message from OPML Editor


Nevertheless the wordPress.root tool is really cool – being able to use the OPML Editor to post here is boon enough!


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