Next backup aggregator trial

Posted in aggregator trials at 9:59 pm by cori

Omea Reader from JetBrains is next up to the chopping block for aggregator trials, and unfortunately I mean that literally.

Omea totally hosed importing my OPML file. The opml file is here, and it validates at Realy Simple Validation and at Dave’s OPML Validator, but Omea reader imports it by nesting each succeeding outline top-level nested within its predecessor, so the contents of my “daily” category (or channel, or, since this is a Rojo export, tag) are nestled cozily within almost 50 parent categories. Since I’m not willing to go to the lengths Robert Scoble did to massage my OPML file, this is unacceptable behavior. Not only that, but it also doesn’t make any sense. Even if the OPML spec is too vague to use to determine how to handle the feeds in this file (I’m not saying it is too vague, mind you, only that what I say is true even if it is), the basic structure of XML would indicate that these elements are not nested within one another.

Too bad, really, Omea had a fairly nice user interface and also retrieved comments on posts where it could, making the browsing experience that much more streamlined. The only things I didn’t like about the way it handled displaying my feeds were that I couldn’t look at a particular day’s posts by category (Omea allows for browsing by date of publication or by category) and that when I was viewing the contents of a category I only saw a full listing of the titles and I had to click on a title to see the contents – I’d much rather simply view the entire list of contents organized by date.


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  1. Michael Gerasimov said,

    Dear Cori,
    My excuses, the bug related to OPML importing is very awful, I have to agree. It is fixed in the forthcoming 2.1 release of Omea. Concerning the possibilities to navigate the available feeds, I would admit that not all features of Omea are very intuitive or visible at first glance – there are many possibilities to narrow your view both by categories and dates and whatever the criterion is necessary for you.
    Do not hesitate to write you opinion to us – this may help to make Omea more suitable for your need.

    with kind regards, Michael Gerasimov, JetBrains Omea devo.

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