Tim Berners-Lee blogs!

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His first post.  Some other interesting stuff (not by Tim) there as well.



Writely notes from class

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Still using Writely to keep my notes from this week’s class. I thought I had published them, but apparently hadn’t; here’s the up-to-date version.

One nice feature that I’ve noted is that you can set internal anchors to spots in the doc pretty easily. Today’s notes are here and yesterday’s, here.

I plan to ellipticise my notes about my week-long experience with Writely later.

Google Music Search looks pretty cool….

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Google’s new music search looks fairly useful. Here’s a search for Fugazi.

Using the music search’s album list you’ll see all the albums Google can find, along with pricing at various vendors and links to reviews, if there are any that Google can find. Here’s a better example, for Pink Floyd.

From the song list you can view other versions of a particular song, iTunes and eMusic purchase options, and lyrics searches (I wonder how the RIAA is going to like that? Not much, I expect).

via Dave

Update: Just noticed Dave’s post about a potential music industry heads up. Figures Google would talk to the RIAA but not to the rest of us.


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“Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing”, formed by four ex-IBM employees who used to work in the ‘Systems/Applications/Projects’ group of IBM.

from this. I’d like to know where he got his info. I understood SAP to stand for something in German. Given that much of the backend ABAP code is commented in German, I suspected that was fairly accurate.

Yahoo-licious suffers the longest hour evar.

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” del.icio.us is down for maintenance. we’ll be back in one hour.”

That’s about the longest hour I’ve ever seen; that message has been up since 7:00 or so. It’s now half-past 11. That’s even longer than the hour that goes by when the company website is down because I frelled something up.

I truly hope this isn’t indicative with future Yah.licio.us performance.


An interesting dichotomy….

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Wednesday at Inacom’s Madison education facility is apparently the day that the 3-day classes begin. My class, Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET, is all men. Today the course in Photoshop 7.0 Basic Skills 1 began, completely filled with women.



OpinMind cool new feature

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versus searches.

Here’s a good one.

Instructor habits

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I noticed today that female training instructors almost always have tissues in the classroom and male instructors almost never do.

Wonder why that is…


ASP.NET training this week

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I’m at Inacom this week taking an ASP.NET class.

One good thing to know from the first hour is that my instructor, Gentry Bieker, not only knows about RSS, but also evangelizes it and has his own blogs (http://gentryb.blogspot.com/, http://blueskiesforever.blogspot.com/, and http://courseopia.blogspot.com/). None have been updated recently, but at least he’s blogged.

My notes are being taken in Writely, and when I publish them will be here.


Scripting News trackbacks

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Dave Winer’s added Technorati search to the sidebar of Scripting News. This is a nice feature, but one that I’d like to see even more would be for Dave to put a small Technorati bubble (technorati bubble) by the permalink icon for each post that would allow a Technorati Search based on the url for that particular post. That would be as close as you could get to implementing trackbacks on Scripting News without actually hosting trackbacks.  Like so: technorati bubble


Know your legislators

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Thanks to Dave, I’m now subscribed to the voting records of my 3 legislators. An avenue in to involved and interactive government, especially when RSS is built in to more apps.

Herb Kohl: RSS

Wonder Tammy: RSS

Super Russ: RSS

Thanks, Dave


Untrue quote of the day

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Conversations worth having require beliefs that you are secure in.

Many of the most valuable conversations I’ve ever had are exploratory – about things I don’t have a settled belief about. The conversation helps me resolve those ideas.

Having looked at Sawdust and Incense when Doc last linked to it, I find something very appealing about the gentleman’s approach, especially when contrasted against that of many of the pro-life or pro-choice groups. I’d also like to hope that this fellow isn’t thinking “conversation = conversion”.

In addition I’d like to encourage a conversation with a few women I know, who could tell him that the first few paragraphs of this aren’t necessarily the norm.

via Doc.


Getting Categories in OPML Editor

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Dave Winer’s trying to retrieve the categories from a WordPress blog but isn’t having much success. Since I’m running both a WordPress.org and WordPress.com site I thought I might be able to lend a hand, but Dave seems to be looking for people with proven WordPress expertise.

I did some digging on my own and found that it was pretty easy to install a script like the one that Dave references; simply open the ftsc file using OPML Editor’s File | Open menu selection and OPML Editor will try to install it, asking where you’d like to put it. Not much to explain, really. Since I was trying to hack this on my own I installed it to a slightly different name than the default, and I had to change some of the test code to have it run against my WordPress.org blog so that I could look at the log file.

Everything looked fine to me in the log file, and I get back a list-type entry in the scratchpad that reflects the correct number of categories for that blog, with each entry a Table with 5 items. Since it’s a list I can’t expand it or see mor detail. Same thing if I allow it to run against my WordPress.com blog (this one). If I change the Kind of the list to, say, Outline (first I had to change it to a string, then I could change it to an Outline), I see a categoryId, categoryName, description, htmlUrl, rssUrl.

This doesn’t quite follow the MetaWeblog specification for getCategories, which specifies to return a struct with 3 elements (description, htmlUrl, rssUrl), but WordPress uses both categoryId and categoryName, and I don’t know what Radio or other blogging platforms use. I suppose it kind of makes sense that the structs returned include those values.

What I don’t understand, not knowing Frontier programming well enough, is why this is returned as a list instead of as a table (which seems the most logical Frontier representation of a struct, and also appears to be what Dave intended in the script).


Dave, in the dust…

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Dave Winer:

“I really appreciate that Ben pointed this out, he was the first to notice (other than me, of course).” [link to the referenced post]

Not true, Dave.

I noticed, and if I did I’m sure a lot of other people did too.  The thing was, it was your battle to fight, and you seemed pretty OK letting it go – obviously some tension, but not all up in arms.  Not that it would have mattered, but I certainly would have voiced my opinion (and did).


Attention on TV

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Oliver Thylmann, one of my new finds via the Corante Network says:

Now we analyse click streams, in the future also view streams.

I couldn’t agree more, and in fact said as much in my (revised) post today at elliptical….  I didn’t happen to mention TV there, instead the example I chose was cell phones, but the idea’s the same.  More focussed advertising, from things like TV, will be in pour attention stream in the not-too-distant future.  Think about what TiVo is doing.

I’m not much for advertising, but at least if I can choose what I see then we’re a little better off.

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Yahoo! watching attention

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The Web portal company does not give personal information to advertising clients but tracks a few types of behavior by its users, including search queries, movement through Yahoo sites and the specific ads clicked. That lets it decide on the fly what ads are most appropriate for a user.

Yahoo uses online behavior to target ads | CNET News.com

Welcome to the world of attention, Yahoo!  Now, what can I get from you (or your advertisers) if I show you some of my behavior on Google? 

Because I can, you know…..

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Propagation of untruth

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Erik, old bean, you’re propogating an untruth:

“Podfather” Adam Curry, the former MTV “VJ” who started the world’s first podcast

From: Vegan.com

The world’s first podcast was probably created by Dave Winer, though Harold Gilchrist might also have some claim there, depending on your definition. But certainly not Adam. Instrumental in it’s growth? Probably. First ever? Definitely not.