Untrue quote of the day

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Conversations worth having require beliefs that you are secure in.

Many of the most valuable conversations I’ve ever had are exploratory – about things I don’t have a settled belief about. The conversation helps me resolve those ideas.

Having looked at Sawdust and Incense when Doc last linked to it, I find something very appealing about the gentleman’s approach, especially when contrasted against that of many of the pro-life or pro-choice groups. I’d also like to hope that this fellow isn’t thinking “conversation = conversion”.

In addition I’d like to encourage a conversation with a few women I know, who could tell him that the first few paragraphs of this aren’t necessarily the norm.

via Doc.



  1. Micah Monroe said,

    I really appreciate your thoughtful comment. I like the aspect of *risk* involved in exploratory conversation. I was thinking mostly about people who immediately become defensive when they encounter a point of view contrary to their own (which you did not do, even though I wrote the most untrue thing you had seen all day : ) ).

    You may find it interesting that I get more static from pro life folks than I do from anyone else because of my a-political approach.

    Anyhow, I really do appreciate your time. If you do know anyone who would be willing to share their story, I would love to hear it…

  2. […] One thing before I sign off: security in one’s worldview (should read: system of belief) does not mean that you don’t listen to anyone else. It means that people are free to disagree (or even oppose you). Out of that freedom, some great conversations are born. […]

  3. […] What if we actually knew the women who were walking into the clinic where we stood outside protesting? What if their story meant something to us?  We might find out that our assumptions about why they are there are wrong. […]

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