What about the rest of us?

Posted in politics at 4:44 pm by cori

New Blog: Red America

The Washington Post is now offering a platform for a conservative blogger, Bob Domenech, to

“offer a daily mix of commentary, analysis and cultural criticism”

Interesting that they don’t seem to value balance enough to offer a “Blue America” blog.

For what it’s worth, I don’t see anything wrong with Red America. Domenech himself says:

“…this is an opinion blog, and not a work of unbiased journalism…”

essentially defusing any illusion or pretense of objectivity in this forum. And that’s fine. In fact it’s great; if anything can show that Domenech doesn’t represent the majority of Americans it’s his words themselves.

But where’s the balance?

I call upon the Post to provide the same pulpit to a strong liberal voice as to Domenech’s conservative one.


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  1. Looks like the Post should have done their homework:

    The Bush movement is unburdened by behavioral standards

    By the way, I highly recommend Glenn Greenwald’s blog. Great (although anger inducing) reading.


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