How’s this for inadvertent IP masking

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AntiOnline thinks I’m in Australia:

(You) at h69-xxx-xxx-xxx.69-xxx.unk.tds.net (69.xxx.xxx.xxx) are located in Australia.

I wish.



Scott Johnson on blogging style

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FuzzyBlog – Elements of Blogging Style

I was looking forward to reading this. I'm not much, generally, for sets of rules about blogging; everyone blogs for their own reason and with their own style and no one set of rules will work for everyone, but I respect Scott, and like his writing, and this was likely to be more insightful than Guy Kawasaki's tripe about blogging evangelism.

I gave up on it, however, when the navigation overcame me. Scott seemingly realized his goal of "short, pithy guidelines," but that became a hindrance rather than a strength when I had to scroll a mile and a half down the sidebar to get the next bit of pith.

Perhaps I'll get back to it, but I can't help thinking that there's a better way.


BitTorrent rocks….

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Like that wasn't already common knowledge, but I'm downloading the Steven Colbert video (thanks to Dave for the link). Inside our corporate network I'm getting upwards of 450 kbps.

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Too bad so much of the stuff I want to download via torrent has no seeders any more 😦