London Beat officers to use head cameras

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Police are to use head-mounted video cameras to help in the fight against anti-social behaviour. (Source: BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Beat officers to use head cameras)

Hmm. My wife and I are heading to London next year, and we’ve recently discussed the pros and cons of Britain’s surveillance state. Questions of who decides what’s “anti-social” aside (I have to assume that’s a British way of saying “against to law”), I don’t know whether to find this creepy or not.  There are certainly all sorts of reasons to find it oppressive, but also some not to.  Especially if the coppers are open and transparent with the content captured by the cameras.  We certainly don’t hear much about police brutality in Britain, though I’m sure that’s at least partly due to my not living there.

I think they should supply a similar percentage of the general populace with head-mounted cameras, just to make things fair….

via Engadget

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