Tony Blair proposes network of ‘Supernannies’

Posted in Linkage at 9:49 pm by cori

“Tony Blair has unveiled plans to introduce nearly 80 ‘Supernannies’ to help parents tame unruly children.

Up to £4 million is to be spent on creating a network of experts in a bid to tackle the roots of anti-social behaviour, according to the Prime Minister.” (Source: Telegraph | News | Blair proposes network of ‘Supernannies’)

Guess I was wrong about “anti-social” being code for “illegal”.

Later though, good old Tony goes on to reinforce the big-brotherism in British government:

“Laying the ground for the publication of proposals to force more fathers and mothers to attend parenting classes, Mr Blair said that an ‘overwhelming majority’ of people would welcome outside assistance.”


I’m not 100% sure I disagree with the usefulness of mandatory parenting classes; there are an awful lot of parents who could benefit from them out there.  On the other hand, I’m sure a lot of people would say that I’m one of those parents, and I’m 100% sure there’s no good solution to determine who should decide who’s a good parent and who’s not.  Not that that’ll stop old Tony.


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