The importance of transparency in activism.

Posted in Politics is Local at 11:40 am by cori

My wife (who no doubt will berate me for blogging about this, since it didn’t actually happen to me) had an interesting activism experience yesterday.  She was leaving a store with our kids in tow starting the walk back home when across the street someone jumped out of a car and ran across the street, stuffing this flyer into her hand saying “This is for you”.  The flyer related to the construction company building the new Stoughton fire house and whether or not they were safe enough to work in our community.

If you look at the thing, I think you’ll agree that these folks have something to sell; an idea they’d like us to buy into.  And they’re not above using a little fear marketing to get us to believe it either.  The thing is, I’d actually be inclined to do a little more research to try to find out what kind of validity there is to their claims and assertions – I’m not beyond believing that the company constructing our new fire house maybe shouldn’t be doing it. 

But see, here’s the thing.  No where on this document does it say who printed it or who’s handing it out.  Who are these people?  Do they have an interest in this company aside from concerns for the safety of the community?  maybe they work for a company that lost the bid?  Or maybe there’s a disgruntled ex-employee behind it all.  Taken as a sum, the anonymity of the source of the flyer and the alarmist language and graphics make me pretty much have to dismiss the whole thing.


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