Hooray for the “state-sponsored culture of piracy!”

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple attacks plan to open iTunes

This is potentially a big blow for Apple, whose iTunes/iPod business model is built on its very lack of interoperability with other devices and services
Jonathan Arber, Ovum

Any company that can’t adapt to making money without resorting to breaking my ability to move my data from one place to another deserves to fold.  I’m not some “open-source communist” on this idea; I have no problem with companies making money from the proprietary software they write.  But if I own the data (be it text, pictures, or music) then don’t stop me from moving from one place to another.  It’s one reason why I’ve never bought anything from iTunes (aside from “buying” the occasional free downloads) and never will.

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Google Music Search looks pretty cool….

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Google’s new music search looks fairly useful. Here’s a search for Fugazi.

Using the music search’s album list you’ll see all the albums Google can find, along with pricing at various vendors and links to reviews, if there are any that Google can find. Here’s a better example, for Pink Floyd.

From the song list you can view other versions of a particular song, iTunes and eMusic purchase options, and lyrics searches (I wonder how the RIAA is going to like that? Not much, I expect).

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Update: Just noticed Dave’s post about a potential music industry heads up. Figures Google would talk to the RIAA but not to the rest of us.