OpinMind cool new feature

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versus searches.

Here’s a good one.



Yahoo’s river of news

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Dave Winer:

“They’re including a nice smallish RSS reader in their Mail app. I had seen it before, and it’s a River of News aggregator.”

Pointing us to TechCrunch:

“Yahoo has deeply integrated RSS into the Yahoo Mail beta experience. Directly below the email folders are “RSS foldersâ€?. Clicking on the top folder show all posts in a ‘river of news’ format, meaning all posts for all subscribed feeds are listed in the order they have appeared in feeds.”

This could act nicely as a backup to Rojo when I’m having problems over there, especially if they’re smart and at least account for OPML synchronization (and I mean synch, not import and export – now’s the time to build it in, fellows). Too bad it’s a closed beta…

I’m totally uninterested in Yahoo! mail – I don’t wnat or need another mail account or even another mail reader. But another good web-based RSS reader. That’d be cool. And if it could synch with an OPML that I maintained somewhere’s else, or allowed me to publish the OPML that I maintain there without jumpign through hoops, that’d be the Golden Fleece (or is that the Holy Grail?).

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Stand-alone WordPress blog posting with OPML Editor fixed…

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See elliptical for details. Please comment here or there with problems, concerns, or comments.

Dave Pentecost also wants to post to his WordPress.org blog…

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He‘s getting the same message that I am, but doesn’t have xmlrpc logging turned on, so we can’t verify that he’s having the same precise problem that I am, so I still don’t know for sure that the problem I think I see in my log is caused by the interaction between OPML Editor and WP or whether it’s something on my server. Anyone who’s got xmlrpc logging tuned on (or can turn it on) willing to give it a whirl?
Next step is for me to make OPML Editor skip over some of the whitespace handling that it does to see if something in there is causing the munging.


No luck using OPML Editor to post to a WordPress.org blog….

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See my conversation with Dave starting here.

When I step through the code I get what appears to be a valid xmlrpc method call over http, but my xmlrpc log file looks munged.  If there’s anyone around who uses a WordPress 1.5+ blog and the OPML Editor and woud be willing to try a post, I’m interested to see if you have the same problems or if the issue is on my server.

Results of trying the OPML Editor WordPress posting on a standalone WP blog…

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I tried Dave’s wordPress.root tool or the OPML Editor to create a new post at elliptical this evening, and it seems as though the inplementation of the MetaWeblog API in OPML Editor is different than that in Flock, because Flock’s blogging tool works just fine while the OPML Editor’s tool won’t authenticate me to xmlrpc.php.

Here’s what the log file records from Flock (actual post data removed for clarity):

2005-11-10 19:38:50 Input: <?xml version=”1.0″?>
<param><value><struct><member><name>title</name><value><string><![CDATA[post title]]></string></value></member>
<member><name>description</name><value><string><![CDATA[post text]]></string></value></member>
<member><name>mt_tb_ping_urls</name><value><array><data><value><string><![CDATA[ping urls]]></string></value></data></array></value></member></struct></value></param>
and here’s what’s recorded from OPML Editor:

2005-11-24 00:28:55 Input: <?xml version=”1.0″?>^M
<value><struct>^M <member>^M <name>description</name>^M <value>^Mwhat’s the log say?</value>^M </member>^M <member>^M <name>title</name>^M <value>test for kinrowan.net</value>^M </member>^M </struct></value>^M

Among the oddities are the presence of the “^M” strings at the end of each line.

Also strange is that OPML Editor is able to communicate just fine with WordPress.com blogs, and so is Flock.

Here’s the error message I get:

error message from OPML Editor


Nevertheless the wordPress.root tool is really cool – being able to use the OPML Editor to post here is boon enough!


OPML Validator case-unfriendliness

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Dave, I have a question: The spec says nothing about OPML being case-unfriendly, and the OPML Editor doesn’t treat attributes as case-sensitive 1, but the validator fails a file when the attributes “xmlurl” and “htmlurl” are used, but not the same file when “xmlUrl” and “htmlUrl” are used. Is this an oversight?

1 I say this because I have a right-click menu item that looks like this:

if dialog.ask (“What attribute do you want to modify?”, @myatt)
op.attributes.getOne (myatt, @myval)
if dialog.ask (“Enter the ” + myatt + ” for this headline:”, @myval)
op.attributes.setOne (myatt, myval)

When I use it to check “xmlurl” and “xmlUrl” they both return the same value, which indicates to me that it’s treating both strings as equivalent.


Under the radar stays there

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I was pretty interested when I saw Robert Scoble’s post about the companies presenting at this year’s Under The Radar. I though even if the companies themselves were of little interest to me at least listening in on their experiences at Under the Radar and the results they saw after UtR would make interesting reading. I decided it would be worth my time to slap together an OPML file – a reading list of the Under the Radar companies for 2005. Little did I know…well, see for yourselves.

Companies presenting at Under the Radar:

Now, I know I’ve been drinking the kool-aid, and I really didn’t expect all of these companies to have blogs, but I thought more than 1 in 10 of participants in “a one-day showcase of early-stage innovation” would be able to see the value of providing their news, white papers, and other timely information in RSS. Most of these companies were under my radar before Scoble’s post, and I expect most of them will remain there.

For what it’s worth, and OPML file of the 4 companies that do want to communicate with interested parties can be found here.

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Kosso’s OPML Browser

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Kosso’s Flash-based OPML Browser is pretty darn cool. Plus it has elliptical… included!