Attention on TV

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Oliver Thylmann, one of my new finds via the Corante Network says:

Now we analyse click streams, in the future also view streams.

I couldn’t agree more, and in fact said as much in my (revised) post today at elliptical….  I didn’t happen to mention TV there, instead the example I chose was cell phones, but the idea’s the same.  More focussed advertising, from things like TV, will be in pour attention stream in the not-too-distant future.  Think about what TiVo is doing.

I’m not much for advertising, but at least if I can choose what I see then we’re a little better off.

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Yahoo! watching attention

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The Web portal company does not give personal information to advertising clients but tracks a few types of behavior by its users, including search queries, movement through Yahoo sites and the specific ads clicked. That lets it decide on the fly what ads are most appropriate for a user.

Yahoo uses online behavior to target ads | CNET News.com

Welcome to the world of attention, Yahoo!  Now, what can I get from you (or your advertisers) if I show you some of my behavior on Google? 

Because I can, you know…..

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After reading Steve Gillmor’s Don’t Mention It, I had to google “AttentionTech” and see what it was. I was unsurprised to find something at the other end of that reference, but was deeply surprised to find what I did find; a fairly sloppy web page claiming to be

“a Web service that is intended to serve as an online complement to the AttentionTech podcast”

and indicating that

“As a service to readers, the site is designed to quickly highlight the most compelling authoritative blogs and podcasts on the Web in an age where people are being inundated by posts and feeds from across the technology spectrum.”

Not only that, but as a “Web service”, shouldn’t it at least have a feed?

I’m sure Steve and Mike Vizard are just starting to work all of this out, and with a little more time it’ll be a lot more polished, but still…

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AttentionRecorder extension available for Flock

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 UPDATE: My analysis that the Flock extension was recording the Flock clickstream seems to be incorrect.  In fact it seem not to be recording the clickstream at all – I had conflated results from the two browsers.

The newest version of the AttentionTrust Extension (actually, it might be the first version as well) is ready to use in Flock out of the box. I’ve installed the extension from the AttentionTrust website in both Firefox and Flock without difficulty, and synched up with the new Root Vault service from both browsers; both click-streams seem to be recording fine.

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