BitTorrent rocks….

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Like that wasn't already common knowledge, but I'm downloading the Steven Colbert video (thanks to Dave for the link). Inside our corporate network I'm getting upwards of 450 kbps.

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Too bad so much of the stuff I want to download via torrent has no seeders any more 😦



Writely notes from class

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Still using Writely to keep my notes from this week’s class. I thought I had published them, but apparently hadn’t; here’s the up-to-date version.

One nice feature that I’ve noted is that you can set internal anchors to spots in the doc pretty easily. Today’s notes are here and yesterday’s, here.

I plan to ellipticise my notes about my week-long experience with Writely later.

Yahoo-licious suffers the longest hour evar.

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” del.icio.us is down for maintenance. we’ll be back in one hour.”

That’s about the longest hour I’ve ever seen; that message has been up since 7:00 or so. It’s now half-past 11. That’s even longer than the hour that goes by when the company website is down because I frelled something up.

I truly hope this isn’t indicative with future Yah.licio.us performance.


OpinMind cool new feature

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versus searches.

Here’s a good one.


Tag who?

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Your tags, smarter
Haven’t used it much yet – just a little, but it looks to be pretty cool.
See also the Tagyu For Movable Type interface, the Neato » Ultimate Tag Warrior for WordPress, and the REST web services interface. Ill definitely be playing with the WP and RESTful interfaces.

My only concern is that automating tags, if it becomes widespread, would potentially homogenize the tag-scope of an item (or of the world).  As Tagyu selects from already tagged values and more people use those values, the overall breadth of tags about a specific subject would become narrower.  You’d have to get a pretty large base of user for that, though, and all of them using the tags in the same tag-space.

via Scott Johnson

Later: Tagyu’d this post – the resultant TTags come from it’s best guess.

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Google Analytics down?

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Google Analytics

Looks like Google Analytics is down (for now). I can successfully log into my Google account, but am redirected to http://www.google.com when I’ve done so.From what little I’ve seen, this is quite an impressive tool, even if you don’t serve AdSense on your site. Much of what I get from my hosting service’s stats package can be ofund here, as well as some deeper information (like bounce rates – quite high for my blog; I’ve got it turned on at http://kinrowan.net for now) can be found.

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AttentionRecorder extension available for Flock

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 UPDATE: My analysis that the Flock extension was recording the Flock clickstream seems to be incorrect.  In fact it seem not to be recording the clickstream at all – I had conflated results from the two browsers.

The newest version of the AttentionTrust Extension (actually, it might be the first version as well) is ready to use in Flock out of the box. I’ve installed the extension from the AttentionTrust website in both Firefox and Flock without difficulty, and synched up with the new Root Vault service from both browsers; both click-streams seem to be recording fine.

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